this is goodbye.
this is a memoir, as all stories are.
a relic upon a life half-completed,
that existed for a short while,
with the force of a seedling
in all of the earth's wind.


suga-centric, suga/jungkook + pg-13
Yoongi and Jungkook don't meet under the best circumstances.
Thank you x100000 to my beta, E, who helped me so much and was such a joy to work with <3 Thank you so much Celine, for the last minute emergency hand-holding!!!! I would not have done it without you <3 To my recipient: I hope you'll enjoy this story, even though I took a couple of liberties with the prompt |D
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[closed] Prompt Me!

Prompt Me 2015/2016!

December is rapidly approaching, and in the season of giving, I'd also like to give back to the writing community and my friends!! Please leave a comment below on a pairing and scenario/prompt that you would like written for you. I will limit the number of prompts to a maximum of 10. Feel free to reprompt things we've talked about before, I'd love to write them as well!

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That's it! :) Go wild~

together or not at all

hoya-centric, multiple pairings +nc17
Sunggyu gives Hoya a mission that he can’t refuse.
explicit mentions of blood, gore,
multiple character deaths, both onscreen and off
(if you want to know who lives and who dies,
scroll to the bottom of the fic. spoiler alert!!)
Quote: "I looked for a I'm-sorry-I-got-you-shot card,
but they were all out." —Joss Carter (Person of Interest)"
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thanks to celine and t for looking over this fic!
I debated a long time over posting the orginal or the edited version
(now on season three comm) on here, and chose to go with the story I originally planned to tell,
whatever that means.

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